Journal Series 1 Number 6

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Annual General Meeting Report (1957)

Coming Events

Corrective Notes to Britain Underground

Constitution and Rules


Published by the Shepton Mallet Caving Club

The Mineries, Wells Road, Priddy, Wells, Somerset, BA5 3AU



May I commence by thanking all those people who have made the production of this issue possible, also many thanks to the contributors. Once again I must appeal for material, in my reading of the back numbers of this Newsletter I notice that the contents are almost wholly the work of some two or three members.

May I draw your attention to the enclosed notice re the Hut Working Party. You will see that the programme is ambitious but if we get the wholehearted support of members I am sure that will achieve the target set. This work will make the Hut really snug for the winter and put us in the 5 star class for caving accommodation on Mendip.

On May 19th last we held our first club meet of the new series. Over a dozen members and guests turned out for a very enjoyable trip of Eastwater. While the main party was descending by way of the Dolphin Pot route a small but very select "Vanguard" party laddered the Twin Verticals Route thus enabling the main party to return by an alternative way.


Annual General Meeting Report

This was held at Shepton Mallet on 20th April 1957. In the absence of Mr Burnell because of sickness, Mr Pullen took the chair. The Treasurer reported a balance in hand of £12 6 3½ d.

By far the most important item raised was that of membership. After much discussion it was unanimously decided only to ratify membership at AGMs but that all intending members should be invited to cave with the Club as guests.

Several amendments to the Constitution were proposed and accepted, the new constitution is given later in this newsletter.

The following Officers were elected:

Secretary: D Roberts

Treasurer: C Chivers

Hut Warden: B Ellis

Expedition Secretary: F Davies

Committee: C Childs, E Gloyne, F Sykes, R Cave.


Coming Events

Aug 17/18. Working Party on Hut (see enclosed notice)

Aug 25. Club Meet. Longwood Swallet.

X Oct 5/6. Trip to South Wales.

Oct 20. Club Meet. Swildons.

X Νον 24. Trip to Devon.

Χ Dec 15. Club Dinner.

If you are interested in any of those items marked X please get in touch with the Expedition Secretary Mr F Davies.

Should you wish to use the Hut on any other meet please inform the Hut Warden.


Corrective Notes to Britain Underground

The following are corrective notes for the North Pennine section of Britain Underground. These are based on the personal experiences of a member who is at present not a thousand miles from Catterick.

Alum Pot

via Long Churn

Douk Cave

Dow Cave much commoner name.

Forced well beyond BU description (CPC). Awkward wriggle, Hobsons Choice, through boulder choke into a boulder chamber. Crawl through boulders into large well decorated stream passage. Climb 40 foot waterfall (easy) to more stream passage. Above stream passage is the well decorated Roof Gardens containing many fantastic helictites. Cave finishes in further boulder choke. Before Hobsons Choice first passage down on right leads to Dowber Gill Passage and Providence Pot some 1½ miles away.


Oxford Pot - now blocked.

Rosy Sink - now blocked.

Country Pot - Alternative to above. Shored shaft just upstream of Rosy Sink.

Gatekirk Cave

Name and map reference correct but description seems to be that of another cave.

Correct Description: A cave of resurgence. River Gireta emerges from high arch. Wade upstream to high hall, a dry entrance between boulders straight ahead, dry series of crawls on right. Low wet crawls on left lead to a further narrow entrance by tree in field.

Goyden Pot

BU description useless.

Entrance large dry stream passage. After 60 feet turn right and descend boulders to meet stream coming from Manchester Hole. Main Streamway can now be followed to a sump. Gaskells Passage provides bypass to this sump and is fairly well described in BU under heading "Gaskells Passage". Pillar Pot, New Stream Passage, Cap Left Crawl and Worm Pot are all parts of the Labyrinth series, a network of passages on left of main stream and connecting with it in at least two places. Too complicated to describe, I hope to make a Grade 3 survey and publish this later.

Providence Pot

Not mentioned in BU. NGR 993729.

Opened by CPC in bed of Dowber Gill just below junction of two streams. Narrow shaft and entrance passages in sharp rock leads to some large chambers and phreatic passages. Passage of a squeeze opened by explosives leads to Dowber Gill Passage and Dow Cave. Dowber Gill Passage is Severe.

Skoska Cave

Pool at end of right hand passage can be easily passed. Very cold uncomfortable crawling for some 100 yards to a small stream passage. Downstream a sump, upstream a boulder choke.

Sweetwater Cave

Chapel-le-Dale, NGR 741759, not in BU.

Just over wall below Sunset Hole, midway between Sunset and Meregill. Entrance low wet crawl in bottom of sink hole. Low wet crawl, tight, of ten feet leads to climbable 20 foot pot. Crawling passage, wet leads on for considerable distance.

Yockenthwaite Pot

Third pitch not wet but certainly has tight entrance to it.

Pen-Y-Ghent Pot

Entrance now blocked.

Magnetometer Pot

On Fountains Fell. Discovered by Northern Pennine Club in January 1957. Very wet, some very tight pots, several large pitches. Not much detail known yet.

Fairy Hole

NGR 945374.

Very wet and strenuous system. Alternatively known as Devil's Drain.


Constitution and Rules of the Shepton Mallet Caving Club

  1. The name of the club shall be the Shepton Mallet Caving Club. Its object is to stimulate interest and encourage research in the caves of Mendip.

  2. The business of the club shall be conducted by a committee of four, together with the Secretary, Treasurer, Expedition Secretary and Hut Warden, they will be elected at the AGM and will serve for one year.

  3. The AGM shall take place in April and the committee shall take office from 1st May.

  4. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by three or more members giving three weeks written notice to the Secretary.

  5. The Secretary shall keep minutes of all committee and all AGMs and EGMs. He shall also maintain records of and report at the AGM on the progress of the club.

  6. The Treasurer shall keep full account of all monies received and expended and shall present the balance sheet at the AGM.

  7. Membership of the club is open to all over the age of 14, provided that their applications have been ratified at an AGM.

  8. The subscription which is non-returnable shall be 7s 6d a year payable on the first of January.

  9. Members must not proceed underground unaccompanied, must be properly equipped and must take all safety precautions.

  10. No excavations shall be carried out in the name of the club without the sanction of the committee. The leader of the excavation shall be responsible for returning a full report to the Secretary.

  11. Members using club equipment are responsible for its return in good condition.

  12. Every person whether a member or not taking part in any activity organised by the club shall do so at his or her own risk and he or she or his or her dependent or other representatives shall have no claim against the club or individual member of the club in respect of death or injury sustained notwithstanding any negligence on the body of members or individual members.

  13. Members committing a breach of the rules or being more than three months in arrears in paying the subscription shall be summoned to appear before the committee, who have the power to remove the offender's name from the membership roll.

  14. These rules may be amended by a majority vote at a General Meeting, three weeks notice of the proposed amendment should normally be given to the Secretary. Members must be notified of these proposed amendments.


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