Occasional papers


Title: Ireland 1959
Author(s): Boon, J.M., Dawe, K.R., Thompson, M.M., Wright, J.M.
Number 1, October 1960, page(s) 1 - 25
Abstract: Account of the caving activities in Ireland by members of SMCC during the summer of 1959 with special reference to the Marble Arch area of Co. Fermanagh.  Detailed account of explorations at Marble Arch and Cradle Hole (survey); the Monastir System (survey); Aghinrawn Cave (survey), Pollnagollum and the Skreen Hill Passages of Marble Arch; digging at Sruh Croppa and Legalough Sinks; Pollnabrock Caves near Ballinafab, Co. Sligo (survey); Cloolagheen Swallet, Co. Tipperary (survey), Burncourt Quarry Cave, Co Tipperary; Pol Ballynahoun, Co. Clare;  and Kilmoon Stream Cave, Co. Clare (survey).
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Title: Caving in North Wales
Author(s): Davies, F.J., Ellis, B.M.
Number 2, December 1960, page(s) 1-36
Abstract: An account of the caving activities in North Wales of the authors during the period 1958 - 1960.  First detailed guide to over 50 caves in North wales.  Surveys of Bont Newydd Cave, Afon Meirchion Cave, Cefn Cave and Lower Ceirog Cave.
Title: A Bibliography for the North Wales Caving Area
Author(s): Ellis, B.M. (compiler)
Number 3, August 1966, page(s) 25pp
Abstract: 194 annotated references are given for the North Wales caving area of Anglesey, Denbighshire and Flintshire.  The majority of references are to the caves of the region but papers on the mines and geology of the caving area are included.  Cave and Author indexes are given.
Title: Extracts from the SMCC Hut Log-Books, Part One, Volumes One and Two,( April 1955 - May 1958).
Author(s): Biddle, R. (ed.)
Number 4, August 1968, page(s) 31pp
Abstract: Entries thought to be of historical or scientific interest are re-printed, with index.  Includes work on Badger Hole; Buddles Wood; Cheriton Cave; Cuckoo Cleaves; Eaker Hill; Eastwater; Longwood Swallet; Goatchurch; Great Oones; Hansdown; Hilliers (survey); Hunters Hole; Lamb Leer; Midway Slocker; Pearl Mine; Pixie Cave; Rock Swallet; St Cuthbert's; Sandford Hill Mine; Stoke Lane Quarry Cave; Stoke Lane Slocker; Swildon's Hole (2 surveys); Tankard Hole; Tommy's Dig; Vee Swallet; Vole Hole & Windsor Hill Quarry Cave.
Title: Extracts from the SMCC Hut Log-Books, Part Two: Volume Three (May 1958 - July 1960)
Author(s): Biddle, R. (ed.), Ellis, B.M. (ed.)
Number 5, April 1970, page(s) 40pp
Abstract: Entries thought to be of historical or scientific interest are re-printed, with cumulative index including Part One (published August 1968).  Includes work in Alfie's Hole; Binegar Bottom Slocker; Blakes Farm; Clapham Cave & Disappointment Pot (Yorkshire); Duck's Hole, Eastwater, Emborough Swallet; Fairy Cave (survey); Gaping Gill (Yorkshire) (survey); Holwell Farm area, Quantocks, Hunters Hole; Little London Swallet; Nine-barrows Swallet; Priddy Green Sink; Rock Swallet; St Cuthbert's; Springfield Slocker (survey); Stoke Lane Slocker (survey);  Swildon's (2 surveys); Town End Swallet; Withybrook Slocker; Wookey Hole. (This report contains the only comprehensive account of the digging of Priddy Green Sink).
Title: The Shepton Mallet Caving Club Iceland Expedition 1970 Organisation
Author(s): Prior, T.A. (ed)
Number 6, April 1971, page(s) 68pp
Abstract: A series of papers on the administrative and planning aspects of the expedition, covering maps and aerial photographs, transport of personnel and equipment, camping arrangements, caving equipment, surveying equipment, food, medical, photography, support, finance, insurance, etc.
Title: Expedition to Abisso di Bifurto, Mount Pollino, Calabria, S. Italy, 1976
Author(s): Griffies, P., Wood, C., Faulkner, M, et al.
Number 7, Spring 1977, page(s) 40 pp
Abstract: Report of a caving venture undertaken by Club members in July/August 1976 at the invitation of the Gruppo Grotte Catania (Club Alpino Italiano, Sezione dell' Etna).  It is primarily intended to be a critical appraisal of the organisation, techniques and equipment employed in the descent of the 683m deep Abisso di Bifurto.  Also covers outline of the geology and geomorphology of the Pollino massif, logistical problems of transport and catering.
Title: The Subterranean Wonders of Kenya
Author(s): Mills, M.T.
Number 8, Spring 1977, page(s) 19pp
Abstract: Details 40 known sites which are indicated on a map, and cross indexed to 88 references.
Title: Thailand Expedition 2001 Umphang District, Tak Province
Author(s): Ellis, M., King, S., Barrett, D.
Number 9, May 2001, page(s) 25pp
Abstract: Covers previous expeditions, travel arrangements, weather and climate, biology, geology, geomorphology, hydrology, topography, equipment, science report, medical report, surveying, references, maps.  Caves visited Tham Takobi (surveyed to 5760 metres), Tham Mutalu (surveyed to 665 metres), and Tham Glab (only 500 metres surveyed) and six other smaller caves visited.
Title: The Caves of Nam Nao National Park, Phetchabun, Thailand
Author(s): Ellis, M.
Number 10, April 2006, page(s) 1-47
Abstract: Between December 2003 and January 2006 there have been four Shepton Mallet Caving Club expeditions to the Nam Nao National Park in Phetchabun Province.  A total of ten weeks have been spent in the field exploring and surveying the caves.  The longest cave in the national park, Tham Yai Nam Nao, has been surveyed to a length of 9.8km.  Several other major caves have been found, including Tham Phaya Naak/Tham Wi Mahn Mek/Tham Nop Pa Crauw (1285m, -133m), Tham Bah Dahn (655m) and Tham Monhwa (350m).
Title: An Investigation into Bath Stone Quarry Falls and the consequences for Safe Underground Access
Author(s): Beckett, N.
Number 11, January 2008, page(s) 1-100
Abstract: On CD - requires Acrobat Reader.  Thesis by one whose understanding of these old quarries is second to none after years of award winning and painstaking surveying.  It is bound to be a standard reference for many years to come.