Terence Fitch

Terry, a long standing Shepton member, lost his battle on the afternoon of Tuesday 30 September 2008 after his body rejected an earlier bone marrow transplant.

Terence Fitch, caving in Mallorca, 02/04/2004 (Photo: Sean Howe) Mark Sims writes.. Terry was active on Mendip, as well as all other regions and occasional trips into Europe, since 1983 when he started caving as a side interest to his passion for rock climbing. It was through Hillingdon Mountaineering Club that we both started journeying down the M4 to Priddy and joined the Shepton to further our caving exploits. Terry was a gentleman of the caving world and will be sorely missed, his unbelievable enthusiasm for obscure Mendip caves meant most of us got dragged down places that wouldn't normally appeal. He also loved cave photography, something else he and I had in common, and often wrote articles for the club newsletter, as well as being its editor, all this despite being slightly dyslexic. A very illuminating article on Lymes Disease was written for the Shepton journal at a time when most people didn't know what it was (having got very ill from it after a caving trip to Slovakia). Terry was one in a million and his move up the ladder to join other great cavers will leave a hole in the Shepton.

Terence Fitch reading in the Shepton hut, 1984 (Photo: Mark Sims)

Terence Fitch and Andy Manthorpe, 1984 (Photo: Mark Sims)