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For Sale SOMERSET UNDERGROUND - 1 VOLUME 1 (Bristol, Broadfield Down, The Bristol Channel & West Somerset) by R. M. Taviner This, the FIRST of four volumes covering almost every conceivable underground site in the historic County of Somerset, comprises 275 pages and contains details of more than 800 natural caves, sea caves, mines, sinks, risings, springs, holy wells and artificial underground sites in Bristol, the Avon Gorge, Broadfield Down, the entire Bristol Channel and West Somerset i…

Geology - Added link for Stanton's Mendip Depressions map Google Earth overlay

Geology This section contains links and downloads pertaining to the geology and hydrology of the Mendip Hills and the surrounding region. The Geology of the Mendip Hills - British Geological Survey. BGS Maps Portal - British Geological Survey. Quarry Faces - Mendip Hills Community Heritage Project. The Directory of Mines and Quarries - British Geological Survey.